Mirza is a Semi-Town and a centre of Education in the greater South Kamrup and it also a centre of trading. It is also a trade centre of Meghalaya. The town is situated at a distance of 18 kms away from the city of Guwahati, in the national Highway,37 in the township Mirza. It is an important part of the vast South Kamrup area. The town is situated at the foot of hill called Mailata or Matiyata.


The history of the town, is such that one Mirza Nathan a Mughal Commander,led an innovation to Assam in the early part of the 17th century during which a camp is said to here been set up in this part of South Kamrup, Probably the name Mirza hence forward came to be associated with this place, now called Mirza after his name.


Mirza is rural area is sorrounded by scenic beauty and has others attractions which had scope for attracting tourist. But the tourism is not yet understood or given importance.


Mirza is a rural area and is simple and hospitable. The main source of livelihood is cultivation, weaving also forms an important occupation of the women folk. The population of the area is a mixture of Assamese and the tribal people . The dominant amongst them being the Bodos and Rabhas. These tribes including the Garos besides the Muslims dominate the entire South Kamrup area.


The more famous Educational institution of South Kamrup area i.e. the Dakhin Kamrup College, Teachers' Training College, St Stephen Junior College, Nepa Junior College, Palasbari (Mirza) R.B. Higher Secondary School, Mirza Girls High School, Annodaya English Medium High School, Saraswati English Medium High School, Asom Jatia Vidyalaya Etc and also many private institution Dicat is situated at Mirza.


'Mirza' where D.K College is situated is a satellite part of Guwahati city. The youth and teachers have to cover atleast 80 Kms (up and down).

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