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During the span of 45 years of our independence our people have been able to set up hundreds of primary schools, sources of secondary schools and a half dozen colleges with their magne means Simple by sheer force of their collective will .


The Teachers' Training College, Mirza was established in 31st May 1992. It is to be remembered that the Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza was started in the Palashbari R.B. High school and M.P. School, Mirza, the Dakshin Kamrup Girls College took its conception in the Dakshin kamrup College and the Uparhali Amrit Chandra Thakuria Commerce College owe to the Uparhali High school in this respect.

So, some people must take help of others to start a training college also. For a preliminary discussion , the writer of the article met Dr. Amrit Sarmah; Principal of Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza in his College Chamber on some day of April, 1992 and disclosed his views Dr. Sarmah gladly accepted to proposal of setting up a B.Ed College in the locality and he assured all possible helps from his end. The persons were Dr. Amrit Sarmah, Sri Surjya Kumar Mazumder, Upen Chandra Talukder, Amrit Chandra Das.These people jointly convened a general meeting that held on 31st may 1992 in the Dakshin Kamrup College premises under the Presidentship of Sri Bhabani Kanta Choudhury Ex-Principal R.B. High School and M.P. School, Mirza. The general meeting unanimously decided to start a teacher's training college at Mirza in the academic session of 1992-93


The meeting requested the authority of the Dakshin Kamrup College Mirza and the Dakshin Kamrup Girls College, Mirza to provide building, furniture etc. to held classes office of the proposed teachers' training college. The governing body of both the colleges complied with our request. However the sponsoring body of the proposed college decided to conduct its functions in the Dakshin Kamrup College premises. Altogether 152 students were admitted and eight properly qualified persons were appointed to teach different subjects as per syllabus of Gauhati University.

Late Bhabani Kanta Choudhury

In History (1992), the founder principal of Teachers' Training college of Mirza was late Bhabani Kanta Choudhury and his period was 01.08.1992 to 17.05.1993 After that, the second principal was late Surjya Kumar Mazumder and his period was 03.06.1992 to 04.08.1997.In history of 1992, 152 students were in teachers' training college, Mirza, 60 students appeared in examination and 19 students passed with 2nd class. In history part of teachers' training college, Mirza, admission of local students is not encouraging Students coming four Kerala, Delhi, U.P. and other provinces of country have created an atmosphere of study in the B.Ed. College course at Mirza.

Late Surjya Kr. Mazumder.

Introduction of Teachers' Training College:

The education commission recommended the introduction of " a sound programme of professional education of teachers". As a teacher tries to teach in the way in which he himself was taught by his favourite teachers, this tends to perpetuate the traditional methods of teaching.


Teachers education refers the whole range of activities that constitute preparation for the improvement of members of the teaching profession. It includes pre-service education for those who have not teaching experience and in service education for those who are actually engaged in teaching. The evaluation of quantitative and qualitative standards for the profession is reflected in the use of the term "TEACHER EDUCATION" rather than the older "TEACHER TRAINING".


Training is necessary for efficient work in a particular job. If a person is trained before employing him in a job this is called pre training. Without pre-training it is risky to employ a person in a job he does not have any knowledge about it. When he fails in a job he develops a negative attitude towards it and thinks that he is not competent for it.


Training is essential for every teacher. Trained teachers can do much more than untrained teachers. Many specific skills have been identified which are to be developed in teacher trainees. Technical knowledge and skill can be developed in the teacher trainees. Technical knowledge and skill can be developed in the teacher through the training. Training is necessary for all teachers.Need for training for primary and secondary has been emphasized by many commissions and committees but few people realize the need for training the college teachers. Now a days, a feeling is growing up among top educationists that there should be need for training of college teachers also.Training colleges or colleges of education, the minimum qualification for entrance is graduation. The duration of the course is one year. Degrees awarded are B.T. or B.ED. These colleges provide teachers for secondary and senior secondary schools.

Generous people of the entire locality have realized the urgent necessity of the college and have welcomed it. But admission of local students is not encouraging. B.ED. is a professional training which is felt most necessary for the teachers and the taught specially in secondary level.

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