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Aims of B. Ed course in education:-

The B. Ed, course is regarded essential in educational process especially in school education. The introduction of B. Ed course has numerous aims. Some of the important aims are as follows:-

To mould right and perfect teacher with professional ethics.
To impart quality educational in school.
For proper and right use of audio - visual aids.
To make the class lively with fuller knowledge of different method of teaching.
To understand students interest in various field of study.
To bring all round development of students including physical education.
To set right question paper, B. Ed. Courses is essential.
To help complete the courses in due courses of time with the help of B. Ed. Course.
To Carry on all academic activities like co-curricular, extar-curricular acvities, B. Ed. Courses offers its help through annual scheme of work in a strict manner.
To relate education with different schools of philosophy like idealism, naturalism, pragmatism, realism so that students can adjust themselves with circumstances.
Aims of Teacher Education:-

It is known to all that in every aspect of life, more of re-education and retraining is demanded. Whereas this is true of every field, it specially applies to the vital area of education. In the present time, teachers happen to be the key persons to initiate and support change for educational improvement of students . Teachers are the fortune - makes of children. In the world of V.S. Mather.


" No system of education, no syllabus, no methodology and no text book can rise above the level of teachers. If a nation wants quality education, it must have quality teachers," So the statement naturally reflects the importance as well as the aims of Teachers Education which is quality improvement.


In earlier days, it was generally believed that " teachers are born, not made". But now a days, this convention can be said true only in a comparatively few cases. Because, with the introduction of newer technologies, teaching is becoming a tough job. It is being increasingly felt that teacher should be properly educated and re- educated to be able to do job well and efficiently. He has to be oriented to the requirements how to use the new methods, techniques and devices to get good results .So, Teacher education aims primarily in upgrading the pedagogical skills at all the levels.


Teachers education also aims at enabling the teachers to create a thirst for knowledge among his pupils and to happen it, we must continue to learn and grow professionally. It means continuing education of teachers is one of the important aims of Teacher Education.


It provides opportunities to grow in the profession. They will be enabled to find new significance and new understanding wherein they will develop new insight into their work and programme if Teacher Education is aimed in right direction.

Teacher Education aims at enabling the teachers to learn new ways of teaching. It also aims at helping the teachers in-service to face new problems efficiently.

Another things can be mentioned here that teachers without training have less responsibility for students comparatively than those who are working with training, So, teacher Education aims at to ( boost ) energize the morale of teachers.


In short, it can be said that education must improve qualitatively and this can only be possible if teachers become alert, enlightened and wide awaken ,So , conclusion can be made that Teacher education aims to enable the teachers to contribute to the total qualitative improvement of education.

The Aim Of The College:-

The people of the whole South Kamrup like Professor of the colleges, teachers of the H.S School, Businessmen of the locality, Educationist of the area and the general people of the Mirza, gather in Dakhin Kamrup College premises on 31/05/92 at 10 A.M. under the presidentship of Educationist, Ex Principal B.K. Choudhury, to discuss about the establishment of T.T. College of Mirza.


The peoples gathers in the meeting after theadfore discussion passed a resolution to establish one T.T. College of Mirza (Teachers' Training College).The President of the meeting B.K. Choudhury in his presidential speech he requested the gathering that the Purpose establish college (T.T.C) to make one of the best ideal College of the South Kamrup and also he hoped that the college will be solved all the problems and deficiencies of the teachers of the Locality



Teachers Training College have their own mission. Similarly we have too our own mission that is to standardise and systematise teacher's education, by offering the B. Ed. Course. The same course strives to attain a number of aims and objectives to improve teaching learning process especially in school level as Mission.

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